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I LOVE LEOGOR PUZZLES!!! Im addicted to wooden puzzles, i have done 85 in the past year and own over 100 now. I now own 7 Leogor puzzles (working on the whole collection). The quality of this brand is awesome. Thick sturdy pieces, they stay together good.


This is the most difficult puzzle I've tried so far. It's not the most pieces, but the unique sizes and shapes of the pieces makes it harder to wrap your brain around where they go. As a result it's more satisfying when sections go together.


Quite beautiful. And slightly more of a challenge than a normal puzzle. Bought for a special occasion. Love all the animal pieces and cute designs. This is what makes it more challenging. Not the normal puzzle piece shapes.


I really like these wooden puzzles with irregular pieces, I have collected over a dozen of them. They are more challenging and entertaining than your average jigsaw puzzle. This one is the largest in my collection (617 pieces) and it took several more hours to put together. It is not particularly petty nor it has colors as nice and bright as the other puzzles I have, but it was entertaining enough.


Very nicely made laser-cut puzzle and box. No soot or strong odor like other laser-cut wooden items I’ve owned. All puzzle piece edges are full black (looks premium), and the extra colorful illustration is bonded very well to the top of each piece. The pieces are 3-4mm thick and come in a large variety of shapes, including some fancy animal shapes with laser-cut details.


A great gift! I got the large one for Christmas from my boyfriend! Very challenging and kept me busy while I was sick. I just completed it tonight with the help from some friends. I will say that the paint on the edge of the puzzle does sometimes get on my fingers but never stains, was just a surprise as this is my first wooden puzzle. I highly recommend as a unique gift for someone who wants something a little more challenging.


I LOVE this puzzle! Wooden puzzles with interlocking pieces are hard to find, but this one is magnificent. Great quality, perfectly fitting pieces, and beautiful image. The only caveat I would give is that the large size puzzle took my sister and I (avid puzzlers) around 6 hours, so plan for it to take a while. :)